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Do you know why the rich and famous spend thousands and thousands of dollars on fancy and expensive detox spa treatments and holidays? Find out how the Chinese and Japanese achieve a similar detox health effect for a lot less dollars!

foot reflexology

Common scene in China - A Foot Reflexology session

What is foot reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy which utilizes energy zones on the hands and feet to provide relief for a variety of illnesses as well as to energize the body system. It has been in practised in China for thousands of years and till today, remains a popular and common therapy in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand and is also increasingly popular in other parts of the world including Europe and USA.

foot reflexology

The Chinese believe every meridian point in our foot reflex to a part of our body system

How does foot detoxification work?

It is widely known that the waste products(toxins) accumulated from the food we eat and the polluted air we breathe in contribute to many health problems to our body. When the waste products in our body reaches an excessive level, they can cause fatigue, restlessness or other health problems.

Have you been feeling tired or lethargic lately even without any change in sleeping pattern, work schedule, lifestyle or diet. Yet the doctor gave you a clean bill of health? Well, toxin accumulation in your body could be the cause and no one, even wise doctors, will be any wiser.

There are various methods to clear the build up of these waste products(toxins) in our body; including fasting, dieting, sweat out in a sauna, regular physical exercise or even colon-cleansing. Some of these methods are costly, some are difficult to maintain and some are plain dangerous!

Detoxification patches are totally safe and easy to use.

These tree extract plaster helps to cleanse your body's waste products in an easy, trouble-free and painless way. Just wrap one sheet of plaster on the sole of your foot before going to bed, and allow it to work while you are asleep. The colour of the sheet will change according to the condition of your health. Those with health problems will notice the sheets are initially darker the following morning. With regular use, the sheets will progressively get lighter and lighter, indicating a steady improvement in your health. The patch can also be applied to specific problems on localised parts of the body, such as the wrist, knee, shoulder, ankle, and groin.


Apply a detox patch to each foot before sleeping every night

The product works on the principle that tree trunks, which are composed of numerous tiny tubes, are able to draw water and nutrients through the roots and up to all other parts of the tree. Expanding on Reflexology Concept, that different parts of the foot are connected to every other parts of our body, the flexi-patch are applied on the sole to help dispel wastes products from the body, very much alike the way the tree trunk operates.

herbal detox

See with your own eyes how much yucky toxins are expelled each morning!

Why does foot reflexology and detoxification work so well together

Traditionally, the Chinese and Japanese have known about the detoxification effect of certain tree extracts and the meridian pressure points of relexology and accupressure. Combined with other herbs and when applied to the sole of the foot, it has been found to vastly improve circulation and promote detoxification of the human body leading to general better health and well-being. This combination of toxin cleansing and reflexology has made this formula a favourite among Asians, young and old, healthy and weak.

Today, this beneficial formula is packed in plaster pack using modern, hygiene packing methods and sold worldwide.

World's easiest - and safest - detoxification method!

Detoxification is not a new health concept. In fact, it has been around for a long, long time. Popular detoxification methods in modern time include the suana, dieting, colon cleansing, detoxification pills and solutions etc.

However, non of these detoxification methods are as easy, quick, cost effective, safe and effective as detoxification foot patches. In fact, some of these methods are even downright dangerous and had even accounted for a death or two.

Are you aware of the following harmful toxin effects?

detox Toxins in the body can lead to constant physical and mental stress
detox Toxins in the body can lead to sleeping difficulties
detox Toxins in the body can lead to constant body and joint pains
detox Toxins can come from the food you eat and the air you breathe
detox Physical exercise cannot remove enough toxins
toxin There is no scientific proof that medication can remove toxins
toxin Popular Western methods for detoxification such as pills, colon cleansing, dieting and other methods can be expensive, difficult and even dangerous!

Your health needs Tree Extract Detoxification Patches!

This is the ideal treatment for the elderly, the stressed executive, the sportsman or just for yourself. It's easy to use; just apply it to the sole and sleep through the night. That's it; no drinking, no mixing, no blending, no burning, no complicated methods. What's more, you can see result the next morning immediately. It will leave you with no doubt that detoxification was working through the night!

As this is an external use product, it will not interfere or affect any medication or treatment you may be undergoing. No doctor or medical advice is needed prior to use.

Patch your way to good health Now!

Detoxification patches uses quality herbal tree extract to give you the best foot patches. You will need to apply the patches daily for 3-5 weeks. You will notice the patches turning a lighter and lighter shade as the days goes by. At the same time, you will notice your health become better over the weeks. Once the patches from your foot become significantly lighter and your health becomes better, you can then apply the patches every alternate days and even once a week as conditions improve.

toxin removal
toxin detox

Apply continously for about 4-5 weeks until patches turn a light shade.

Still not convinced?
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Clinical studies prove that detox patches can help lower cholesterol!

Make sure any Detoxification patch you purchase should come sealed in vacuum packs and a instruction booklet. For beginning treatment, it is advised that you buy enough to attain 1 month or more of continuous treatment. (That is about 60 patches for 30 days of continuous use).

herbal detox

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Dtox foot patches

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