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10+2 Questions about Tai Chi Quan Answered!

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Tai Chi Quan is an ancient Chinese martial art form, that when practized correctly and consistently, can help with chronic pain relief, lessen stress, lower blood pressure, improve general physical and mental health.

A friend of mine, C.Guan Soo, is a keen Tai Chi Quan Practioner. He learned Karate-do at 10, Thai Boxing at 12, and then proceed to Hua Boxing at 15.

He abandoned the linear external school of martial arts system at 17 because of constant self-inflicted injuries during training. He proceeded with various forms of meditation: sitting, walking, reclining etc.

At the age of 28, Guan Soo picked up energy healing, distant healing and meditation on chakras. He came across Tai Chi Chuan at the age of 14, and that was one major reason which caused him to give up Karate-do, Thai Boxing and Hua Boxing, as well as other sports like soccer, badminton and jogging.

Guan Soo learned a few forms and only managed to properly master the full 24 Yang Style last year, after 3 months training under Master Quah, 16th generation of Yang Style lineage.

It was because of his research and desire to teach his 71 years old mother, who had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol level, and weakening mental strength, how to practice Tai Chi Chuan, that he began simplifying the moves to make it easier to learn, easier to practice, and less strenuous than traditional Tai Chi Chuan.

Because of our good relation, Guan Soo has compiled his knowledge about Tai Chi Chuan into an ebook, and has kindly offered it to our readers. We thank Guan Soo for his kind offer and do please download his 31 page Tai Chi Quan ebook at this link.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Software to read his ebook. Acrobat Reader is a free software. Kindly contact us if you need help with reading the eBook.


To understand more about the ancient practice of Tai-Chi, please check this interesting Tai Chi article. Or email us for further information.